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About Us

Born from the idea to enable cloud-based automation solutions for energy efficiency, Enerlly aims to make Energy Efficiency and Energy management practical and affordable for small, medium and large scale industries commercial establishments. If your company is keen to be associated as an eco-conscious brand, then we are here to help.

Who We Are

  • We’re a dynamic mix of techies and positive change-makers who design software and algorithms to help businesses save energy, reduce costs, and improve their overall performance. We believe in a process of continuous improvement, updating our tech and services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Think of us as your energy management squad – we bring clarity and insight to your energy budget while you focus on what you do best.

  • Find out how we encourage smart businesses and ensure they use their energy responsibly.

Our Mission

  • We move with the purpose of making Enerlly the number-one energy management & analytical company in the world, emblazoned with a larger vision of environmental welfare and sustainability.

  • We do that by equipping businesses with real-time data analytics to streamline operations, increase profitability, and for reaching closer to their energy management goals.

What we do

  • We build technology for a better future.

  • Our in-house energy experts design assessment strategies and provide custom solutions based on your plants’ energy consumption. By working together on multiple levels, we help you address inefficiencies, ensure compliance with energy legislation and identify opportunities for improvement advancement. We layer in services that best fit your needs and sustain excellent results over time.

  • If you’re a business keen on reducing energy costs and growing as an eco-conscious brand, click here to learn more about our services.

Our Value

  • We celebrate diversity

  • Our strength lies in our people. We value each individual’s beliefs and experiences and celebrate their accomplishments. We work together - our biggest 

  • We embrace innovation

  • We honour commitments

  • We believe in action

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