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The alert mechanism is a crucial entity for any organization. How is the alert system designed in Enerlly you ask? 

In this cloud-based IoT software, you can pre-define threshold values for certain parameters like plant demand, Power factor, voltage levels, etc., as per your plant’s requirements. These set values will determine how much your plant can undergo load. If the present consumption values exceed these threshold values, an alert message will be triggered to those who have registered in the software.

Certain conditions also play an important role in defining these set values. There are limitations on power demand consumption for any industry, pre-defined by the Electricity Board. When the demand consumption exceeds the set value, the company is often charged with a penalty amount with their monthly billing.

To avoid these penalty charges, you can pre-define the values as per the requirements of your organization. And when the value is crossed, Enerlly will send out an Alert message.