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The International ISO 50001 standard requires industries and organizations to develop, maintain and implement a smart and comprehensive energy management system. With increased awareness, most industries are now considering energy optimization with energy monitoring. 

With Enerlly, you can now save at least up to 10% on your total energy cost. 


The Energy Dashboard can record a lot of cloud-based data and generates real-time records of energy utilization as well as wastage. Our accomplished team profoundly extracts important insights from these data and recommends ways to better manage energy optimization and reduce energy costs. 

We assist you to monitor the power quality parameters along with the unbalances in the power distribution system. 

With Enerlly, you can set your own parameters of “Energy Benchmark'' and keep a track of energy consumed at the application and plant level. The consulting and data analytics service provided by us will help you make better business decisions and maximize your profit margins.