Energy Dashboard

For every industrial or commercial unit that utilizes a huge load of energy every day, it is important to have an overview of energy consumption. An Energy management dashboard is a tracking mechanism that continuously records data concerning the KPIs.

The energy dashboard mechanism of Enerlly can have multi-level and multi-user access, using which you will be able to enter and access the data at every level. You will also be able to successfully track the performance of the plant through various factors besides just Energy Consumption like Energy Cost, Peak Demand, GHG emission, Current Harmonics, Voltage Harmonics, Power Factor analytics and much more.

The energy dashboard focuses on the energy consumed and the energy loss of different areas and also maps the energy KPIs in real-time. It also mentions the practices to adapt for reducing the losses. 

This state-of-the-art monitoring toolkit is designed to improve the visibility of your plant’s energy consumption and helps monitor the cost. The energy dashboard of Enerlly is user-friendly and can be personalized according to the needs of your industry.