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Energy Monitoring

For any industry to achieve energy efficiency goals, there needs to be continuous monitoring of energy usage. 

With the adoption of the ISO 50001 energy management programme, we will be able to draw the performance of your factory concerning energy consumption. Once you log in to Enerlly’s dashboard, which is designed especially for your factory, you will find real-time data of overall energy usage. 

The energy monitoring is drawn using parameters that include Key Performance Indicator, Specific Energy Consumption, Specific Energy Cost, etc. These key indicators will help you optimize the industrial equipment to utilize optimum power and also to increase machine life.

Additionally, using our platform, monitoring energy utilization of individual applications and equipment is also simplified. The data on the dashboard shows the exact percentage load, power factor and power loading of individual transformers and applications.

The multi-level and multi-user energy monitoring facility available in our software helps indicate the key areas of energy consumption and therefore brings down the overall consumption cost.