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Advanced Transformer analytics through Enerlly IoT

Transformers are the most essential equipment used for running the electrical distribution system in industries, commercial establishments and residential complexes. Transformers play an important role, to convert the high voltage supply to low voltage power so that the devices can use the power for their operation. The transformer accepts energy at one voltage and delivers it at another voltage. This permits energy generation at relatively low voltages and transmitted at high voltages and low currents, thus reducing line losses.

An industry based in Pune had installed two distribution transformers one of 1500kVA and another 400kVA to meet its demand. Enerlly IoT EMAS was installed at this plant in the second half of 2020. Enerlly analysis revealed 2.5% to 3.5% losses in the transformers on working days and the losses increased to 5% to 11% on weekly off days. These high losses during weekly offs were primarily caused by low loads, low pf and the presence of harmonics.

The best efficiency operating point for a transformer is normally between 35% – 45 % loading. Also, as per the IEEE standard, current harmonics should be less than 12%. Enerlly data revealed that current harmonics was crossing 22% in this case, which created more unbalances in the distribution system, thus increasing wire/bus bar losses, increased system currents, and reduced power factor.

There are many factors that affect high loss levels, such as transformer loading, unbalances in the system, unbalanced loads, poor power factor, high level of current, voltage harmonics, etc., all of which are important parameters monitored by Enerlly’s advanced analytics. Moreover, Enerlly assesses the impact of these parameters on the transformer, which enables Enerlly to calculate losses in different loading conditions on a daily basis.

Additionally, Enerlly analyzes the distribution system to calculate monetary loss and informs the user of any potential to save energy. Monetary losses identified were around Rs. 8.9 lakhs per annum. Using data insights from the Enerlly EMAS and consultations with the Enerlly team, the client could cut down monetary loss by over half. Plant personnel are kept updated on the health and functioning of transformers using alerts and notifications sent through emails or SMS messages generated by Enerlly.

Transformers are essential equipment that needs to be managed and maintained well for safe and efficient operation. Enerlly, with its advanced IoT technology, helps manage and sustain the health of transformers by providing actionable analytical data and enabling users to take timely actions saving energy and maintenance costs.

About Us: Enerlly is an organization rooted in industrial automation that deploys Internet-of-Things (IoT) based controllers and online platforms to create sustainable eco-conscious brands through real-time energy monitoring, energy data analytics, and consultancy Energy Auditors.

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