• Vikram Kalaskar

Air Compressors savings using “ENERLLY” analytics

Air compressors account for significant amount of electricity used in Indian industries. They are used in variety of industries to process requirements, operate pneumatic tools and equipment to meet instrumentation needs. Only 10-30% of energy reaches the point of end-use and balance of 70-90% of energy is converted to unusable heat energy and to lesser extent is lost in the form of friction, misuse and noise. Figure below gives an idea of functioning of compressor.

One of our customer in Pune had installed two air compressors to meet his air requirement in plant. With ENERLLY data analysis it was observed that both the compressors were not fully loaded and operating at 60% load only. In compressor a lot energy is lost in the form of heat outside to surroundings. Inappropiate pressure setting and leakges in line leads to maximum losses anywhere in any industry. Improper training to workforce for utilising the compressed air also adds to the losses. Client was lossing about Rs 12000 per month because of such wrong practises. Enerlly data analytics software monitors data on energy consumption and several other parameters like run hous, loading %, active power, demand , GHG emission on time to time basis.

Compressed air requirement data analytics showed that only one air compressor would meet the demand in plant. The compressor pressure setting optimisation and indentification of leakeges in line saves energy without much investment. The leakage point should be indentified early and repaired as soon as possible to avoid losses. Training to workforce on utilising the air as and when required adds to savings. By such improved practises client was able to save Rs.40000 monthly. So this is how data monitoring and analysis helps the end user achieve savings and energy efficiency.

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