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Asset Management using Enerlly

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Asset Management is the process of operating and maintaining assets in an efficient manner. Assets are an important part of an organisation's balance sheet and need to be tracked, maintained and operated efficiently by the management to ensure their availability and to generate optimal returns.

Transformers, UPS, Diesel Generator sets, Solar Power Installations, Air Compressors etc. are the common assets found in any industrial facility. Enerlly IoT Energy Monitoring and Analysis System (Enerlly IoT EMAS) provides an effective and efficient way to manage these important assets so as to achieve the best performance at lowest cost.

For transformers, losses and harmonics need to be monitored continuously along with operating conditions of the transformer (i.e whether the transformer is being operated in under loading, overloading or average loading condition) for better performance in the long run. An increase in voltage and current harmonics hampers the efficiency of the transformer. An increase in current harmonics also leads to a low power factor because of excess reactive power generation. It is critical for industries to maintain current and voltage harmonics below IEEE standard thresholds as required by the regulations to avoid penalties.

Enerlly IoT EMAS monitors all the parameters and provides data necessary to control the operating conditions of the transformer and also sends alerts and notifications to the operators when the parameters cross threshold values.

Similarly, load losses and harmonics affect the performance of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Enerlly IoT EMAS can provide monitoring and alerts to keep the UPS performance on the track. In the case of DG sets, the energy generated per unit diesel consumption must be checked frequently as per rated parameters. Also, lubricating oil consumption needs to be monitored and the oil needs to be changed after certain running hours. Power factor and GHG emission are also critical parameters. Enerlly IoT EMAS tracks all these parameters effectively.

These days, Solar PV plants are increasingly being installed in factories as a source of renewable energy to reduce GHG emissions. Enerlly IoT EMAS monitors energy generation from the solar plants, its share in the factory’s energy consumption, and catalogues cost savings due to its usage with sustainability parameters.

Enerlly also tracks the performance of the Solar PV plant and notifies the operators in case of any anomalies. For common assets like an air compressor, which is an energy-intensive and low-efficiency equipment, Enerlly does performance analysis by providing actionable inputs like notifications on losses, alerts on crossing thresholds set for performance and maintenance related alerts.

Enerlly IoT EMAS measures the parameters of energy assets in a factory, helps in the analysis of their performance and also ensures optimal operating conditions by providing alerts and notifications which leads to significant energy and maintenance cost savings as well as better availability of these valuable assets.

About Us: Enerlly is an organization rooted in industrial automation that deploys Internet-of-Things (IoT) based controllers and online platforms to create sustainable eco-conscious brands through real-time energy monitoring, energy data analytics, and consultancy Energy Auditors.

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