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Candid with Nikhil Garware - Software Developer at Enerlly

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Nikhil explains what inspires him and how he merges creativity and technology in the fast-paced world of digital.

Nikhil, as a Software Development Engineer at Enerlly, what’s your typical day like?

My day involves enabling the tech team to understand and implement new features for our software based on our users’ requirements. I usually find myself working on the backend using Python and Django, and frontend development using React JS. Along with the team, I build Enerlly’s interconnected system that powers data monitoring, collection and analysis for energy management and asset optimization.

You have been with Enerlly for 6 months now. How did you get started working here?

During my graduation in computer engineering, I had developed a keenness for Python and I worked on several projects in Data Science. I knew then that I wanted to be a software developer, with my strong experience in Python programming.

As any career-driven student would, I started looking for work opportunities and came across Enerlly’s profile on LinkedIn. I became excited to work with an India-based tech startup committed to saving energy and fighting climate change using intelligent software systems.

They had an opening for Software Development Intern. I applied for the position and aced the interview. The onboarding process was smooth, thanks to the warmth and guidance extended by the team. After working as an intern for 2 months, I switched to being a full-time employee.

How was your transition from Intern to Full-Time Employee? Could you keep up with the demands of your new role?

Honestly, I can’t tell the difference! Both my roles as an intern and full-time employee have been equally challenging and rewarding. My initial weeks were mostly spent working on features at the backend, as I was settling into the job, with very little industry experience.

Frontend development was completely new for me. But I was always given the time and space to go through the code base and understand things. My colleagues and seniors ensured that I was motivated to learn and addressed any difficulties I faced while doing tasks assigned to me. Working with the team, I could improve my backend skills and now I even handle frontend with confidence!

So yeah, I was able to sail through the past 6 months and I can see that I have grown personally, technically and professionally.

What makes you so passionate about building technology for an energy efficiency and management company?

I believe in my dreams. I always wanted to work on projects which were not only valued by people today but which could also build a better future.

At Enerlly we have the tech and support to start looking at and changing the bigger picture. We are able to create a positive impact on the world by leveraging industries to reduce their energy costs and emissions. Our users convey their satisfaction and it really makes us proud that we have results to show for our work. It’s very fulfilling that I can contribute to this wonderful cause and learn lots of stuff along the way.

How do you ensure Enerlly is at the forefront of digital innovation?

Digital technologies and the business environment, in general, are rapidly evolving. So it’s absolutely essential that we keep ourselves up to date, to be able to adapt our strategies and understand our users’ needs. While building the product we ensure that the code is easily readable and unnecessary code is eliminated. We use the most valued and in-demand technologies that help us create a seamless interface for our platform.

Any global tech leaders you draw inspiration from?

I love the way Elon Musk is changing the tech landscape through Tesla Inc. and SpaceX. I recently started reading about him; how he overcame his failures is what truly inspires me.

Tell us some of your favourite career tips and tricks.

I’d like to share some insights from my experiences in my initial days as an intern. I wouldn’t call them tips or tricks but rather valuable counsel.

1. When you are new to a project, take extra hours to understand the basics and lay down the groundwork. A strong foundation always makes it easier to carry out your project successfully.

2. Be communicative. If you’re stuck or not sure why things are done in a particular manner, reach out for help! I’m glad I can always depend on my team to rescue me!

3. Take responsibilities. If there are some features which need to be improved then work on them in your off-hours, come up with ideas whether they are useful or not and try them out.

There are no mistakes, only lessons to help us become better!

You’re a hard-wired techie alright! But does your work leave you time for fun & socializing... perhaps some me-time?

Getting things done for the day and exploring lots of new concepts doesn’t leave me drained. Rather, it helps me to be ready for new adventures for a new day. We get generous lunch breaks in the office and sneak in a couple of group activity sessions here and there. And when the people at your workplace are spirited and fun, every day is a celebration. I also get plenty of time in the evening to wind down and just spend some hours lounging around the house. Sometimes I even go on a trek or casual outing in the city with my friends.

Any other things you’re interested in, love to do or watch?

Yeah man, I love cricket! I mean the whole country loves cricket, right!? I’m also a big fan of these Netflix criminal drama series called Money Heist and Narcos. They were really amazing.

It was wonderful chatting with you, Nikhil. Leave a message for our readers?

This was a great session. I think some of our readers will love to be a part of this company where such connections are forged and people are valued. We’re still building our team, and our culture is taking shape. We look forward to working with some brilliant minds and maintain a certain level of hunger and passion to excel.

About Us: Enerlly is an organization rooted in industrial automation that deploys Internet-of-Things (IoT) based controllers and online platforms to create sustainable eco-conscious brands through real-time energy monitoring, energy data analytics, and consultancy Energy Auditors.

Did you find this blog post interesting? If so, you might also be interested in working at Enerlly. Learn about the Enerlly team here.

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