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Smart Energy Meter: The Future of Energy Management

Energy management is a growing concern for any small or large-scale industry. Energy efficiency is considered to be the stepping stone in achieving a sustainable workspace and also control the ever-increasing energy cost and reduce the environmental footprint. An efficient energy management system requires monitoring of energy consumption by gathering data using smart energy meters to make more informed choices of using energy.

Enerlly has effectively utilized the L&T manufactured smart energy meters, model no WL4040110000 to reduce energy costs by up to 10% in certain applications. In this article, let’s explore the feature and specifications of these Energy meters and their importance in installation in any industry.

Although the Smart Energy Meters come with a detailed instruction manual, it is important to carefully understand the features before investing. Here are some of the notable features that are worth considering-

  • The measurement accuracy of this Smart Energy Meter is Class 1 as per IEC 62053-21 and Class 0.5 as per IEC 62053-22

  • The pulse output is on LED and defines to be 4 digits for instantaneous and 6 digits on cumulative.

  • There is a provision of automatic switching of the display through a DG sensing input, dependent upon the input source as DG or EB.

  • The measurement time is true RMS (Record Management System) and gives 64 samples per cycle with an update time of 1 sec.

  • The measurement type is selectable for 3 Phase 4 Wire, 3 Phase 3 Wire, 1 Phase

  • The energy and load hours are separately registered for EB (Electric Board) and DG (Diesel Generator Contractor).

  • The Smart Energy Meter allows auto-scaling of Kilo, Mega, and Giga values.

  • The Old registers are also designed to store previously cleared energy values

  • There is a provision of autoscrolling and freeze mode available in the smart energy meter.

Product Specifications

It is structured as Digital Panel Meter with a Dual Energy source and weighs 300 grams. It also has two separate energy registers, one for EB and the other for DG. Under the ideal circumstances, the energy is accumulated in the EB resister. Alternatively when there is a 230 V AC, DG sensing signal, the energy is then registered in DG.

The Meter has LED panels that indicate various operations as indicated in the image.

  • DG and EB LED indicator glows separately indicating the presence of individual sensing signals.

  • The Up and Down Arrow labelled in PRG indicates the ability to edit values or parameters in programming mode and to select or accept value in the programming mode respectively.

  • The double-sided arrow indicates Communication ON

  • The Pulse sign indicated PULSE ON

  • The three buttons “M, -, and K” indicate Mega On, Lag On, and Kilo On. If both are On, it Indicated Giga On.

Safety Measures

In this Smart Energy Meter, the measurement of safety is categorized as CAT III with a pollution Degree of 2. It protects IP20 at the terminals and IP51 at the front.

The plastic mould on the front side protects IP51. If concerned about shock, it is measured as A8 as per the IEC 60058-2 standard and the vibrations are measured at 10 to 55 Hz, at a 0.15 amplitude.

How to Smart Energy Meter works?

The wiring of the Smart Energy Meter is indicated by the below diagram.

Closing Remarks

Installing smart energy meters in any large or small scale industry has the benefit of accurate energy monitoring and providing real-time data of energy consumption, without manual labour. At Enerlly, we help you to optimize energy performance, estimate the energy waster and empower you to make better and informed choices. The software supported by Enerlly ensures that you identify maintenance issues early on to prevent critical fails.

About Us: Enerlly is an organization rooted in industrial automation that deploys Internet-of-Things (IoT) based controllers and online platforms to create sustainable eco-conscious brands through real-time energy monitoring, energy data analytics, and consultancy Energy Auditors.

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