We offer easy-to-install solutions to help you gain control of your energy consumption and yield optimum results.


Energy Dashboard

Record your energy consumption information through our IoT based platform for a birds-eye view of your plant’s performance.

Generate cloud-based reports of your equipment/systems on parameters such as energy cost, demand utilization factor, plant load factor, GHG emission, power factor, peak demand and more.


Energy Monitoring

Our platform provides key performance indicators for your plant and utilities as per international standards.

daily energy consumption data optimize your equipment for efficient energy use and optimum power and increased machine life.


Data Analytics

Save 1 to 10% annually on energy costs with the help of our Data Analytics and Consultancy.

Get analytical results for your utilities and production equipment on our IoT based platform and keep an eye on the “Energy Performance” of plant and machines.

Manage “Energy Benchmarking” for your plant and machine levels, as well as power quality parameters such as harmonics and unbalances in the distribution system.


Set energy consumption limits for each equipment/system to receive live notifications on high energy use and avoid penalties by DISCOMs due to power quality non-compliances.

GetReceive daily reports on energy consumption along with key performance indicators.

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